Three little letters with big results. SEO


Anyone who has their own website or blog need to think about SEO, its not something you can ignore. Search Engine Opimization has to be a prioritization of the people that both plan and execute on their sites. SEO doesn’t just happen, you have to be intentional when creating new posts that you want to increase your site visits and views. SEO is also always changing so you have to keep up up with the changing world. SEO for 2013 gives 10 Tips for 2013.

One of the easiest ways to increase SEO is by using the tools that google offers. Seven Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Increase Traffic to your Website gives great examples and descriptions of the tools available for your use. It’s not just your websites that you can optimize. SEO also applies to your blogs posts as well. You can Improve How to Move your Blog Posts Up in Search Results one of the major factors like with anything else is to keep your blog up to date. Also, if you share your blogs posts on Google+ as I have previously discussed. It helps to increase your site visits and blog views. But, just getting people to click on the site is not the only thing, you want to know that people are spending an extended amount of time and engaging with your information. Google Analytics is one of the ways that you can measure Engagement on your Blog.

It’s October… so here are some major SEO killers.


When thinking about SEO are you more interested in unique site visits or in onsite engagement?

How do you foresee using SEO in the future?

Three little letters with big results. SEO

The War of Words… Google+ vs. Facebook

google_fb_slapfightI’ll admit it. I excitedly joined Google+ last year when it first came out, when no one else I knew had joined. I had 2 circles outside the normal ones and one person in each circle. It just sat there, and sat there, and sat there.  NOTHING HAPPENED! You know why, because I thought that Google+ was going to be like Facebook. Surprise, surprise, It’s not.

Facebook, for me has always had its ups and downs. When the news feed first came out, I thought my world had ended. I don’t want to see all of this useless information, from these useless people I friended because we were in one picture together or we met at that party one time. WHY do I care about their LIFE?!? I don’t. All the sudden my facebook was full of clutter and then something magical happened. Facebook introduce “the algorithim.” The clouds parted, the heaven sang and my news feed was magically clear.

What those geniuses at facebook did was engaged the users with the end result being you get your own personalized facebook friends newspaper on a daily basis. In Facebook: Here’s How Your Newsfeed Works Mashable  explains “This new strategy has created an uptick in user engagement, he adds. A recent study by Facebook found that this new ranking system led to a 13% increase in stories read, and a 5% increase in interactions (Likes, shares, comments)” Engagement is important for any business looking to use the social media giant for its own purposes. Five Facebook Posts that Spark Massive Engagement  the biggest ways to get social media engagement from followers is to ask for it.


Getting people to engage with your brand is as easy as pushing a like button. What small businesses fail to realize is that by focusing only on facebook for engagement with their clients. They are missing out on the opportunities that Google+ has to offer.

Google+ can really be a savvy business persons best friend. No joke though. The number one reason is that Google+ drives up your SEO. If you’re a small business and on the web, then you should care about your SEO. Check out this article if you don’t believe me, 10 Ways Google+ Will Improve your SEO Honestly, I didn’t believe it myself at first. Then I started blogging and utilizing my long forgotten Goggle+ account. Voila! I’m ranking higher then my former nemesis of SEO, the Helena, Montana Peace Seekers Association! You might ask, why this sudden change and my nemesis’ sudden decline because Google is rewarding you for using its social media platform. Which makes it very easy to begin to except Why Google+ is an Inevitable Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy. You can’t ignore Google+, as I did for so long, because guess what Google and facebook can’t play nice. Whereas, when you use Google+ it only helps you. Hello, SEO boost!

Facebook is beginning to peak out from behind its self imposed wall, with the new graph search. Is this too little to late to match what is happening on Google+? Time will tell, as it always has on the internet. As for me, I’ve dusted off my sad Google+ account and am happily +1ing away!



Would you use Google+ merely for the SEO boost or do you see the usefulness of Google+ for business in relation to facebook?

What do you think is the least cheesy way to drive engagement on Facebook?


The War of Words… Google+ vs. Facebook