If you have a job… You better be LinkedIn!


I think my previous statement says it all. Most people recognize the LinkIn is the go-to social media platform when it comes to job prospects.

As a recent job hunter (infographic), I know a thing or two about being a part of the job market. Everyone is vying to make themselves stand out. Everyone seems to believe they are the mystical unicorn you’ve been searching for. Some people even get recruited based on their profiles on the site. I am not one of those people. But, here are some tips an tricks on how I could use my LinkedIn to get me there. 

LinkedIn is so much more then a social media platform. It is a warehouse, of sorts, for your professional activities. I don’t know about the rest of you out there in web world, but I have never been on top of updating my resume as much as I should. Seriously, is there anyone out there that updates their resume every 6 months? Isn’t that what we are told to do? Most of us update when the need arises, when your job hunting. Even LinkedIn is taking a note and making changes to it’s own resume. The once Ugly Ducking of the Social Media World is making changes to get people to stay on the site longer. It’s also enticing companies to drop more money on premium accounts. For most people, the most important part of LinkedIn is their profile.


What’s great about the LinkedIn profile is that you can include so much richer information than you usually can on a 1-2 page paper resume. Just, as in any resume it’s important to keep it up to date. It’s always important to come back to a site after a big update to the software. How to Optimize your Page and Profile discusses how to maximize the new LinkedIn look and feel to benefit you! What is the most important thing? A professional image on your profile. Even I need to update my picture. It’s several years old. Here are some other ways to turn your LinkedIn Profile into a Social Media Workhorse


I offer one caviate to the LinkedIn lovefest. Make sure that you Protect Yourself on LinkedIn. It’s important to not forget that somethings still need to remain private. Keep you privacy settings up to date as well as your resume. You don’t want your boss to know you completely overhauled your profile. Do you?


1. Do you have a LinkedIn account? If so, how often do you update your actual resume in comparison to your LinkedIn?

2. Can you for see in the future getting job leads or referrals off of your profiel? Have you in the past? What changes do you need to make to your profile to stand out from the crowd?

If you have a job… You better be LinkedIn!

Fuel for my Fire!



These are three tenets to live by when beginning any foray into social media. It’s a personal mantra of mine to only post things on my facebook and timeline that I would be proud to support or for my grandma to see (I ❤ my Yia yia). I think the same can be said as a brand advocate for my company’s social media. Many people who have grown along with the evolution of facebook probably understand this as well.

Pam Moore give people 50 rules to get people engaged. Some of these rules are pretty self explanatory. The first 5 especially. 1. Inspire them. 2. Connect with them in an authentic, human way. 3. Entertain them. 4. Educate them. 5. Empower them.

My favorite from the list: 15. Make them feel emotion of any kind. Make them belly laugh or do the happy cry. (I’m going to try and achieve this from one of you this week!)

Helena’s Social Media Rules:

I realized a long time ago there are some things you say online, and some things you don’t. Here are some of the personal social media rules that I live by. I think its important to know what your social media personality is…

  • Keep it clean (Well I try anyway)
  • Keep people engaged. If I think it’s interesting, someone else might agree. If not, resort to cats, baby animals, or a meme (Grumpy Cat =’s trifecta)
  • Know what people like.
  • If you didn’t share it first, share it second. You have followers that they don’t; people still might want to see it, a re-share is a great ego booster.
  • Engage directly with people. Make sure you respond! People like it when other people pay attention. It’s good to reciprocate.

A lot of my rules are very similar to Guy Kawasaki Apple’s former chief evangelist’s 10 tips to build Social Media influence

Ten rules for JWA to live by:

Seriously, I’m taking them to my boss tomorrow. This is how JWA will apply the 10 tip according to me:

  1. Start Yesterday! (Yup. We’re already playing catch up)
  2. Find the right social network for you (LinkedIn, possibly Google+)
  3. Make a great profile (We need to invest in some stock photos)
  4. Curate and link (Know where content comes from)
  5. Cheat (The term is “leverage” 🙂 )
  6. Restrain yourself (Truth)
  7. Add bling (People like pretty things)
  8. Respond (but keep it simple)
  9. Stay positive or stay silent (Make sure you respond to the critics, but don’t be Amy’s Baking Company)
  10. Repeat good stuff (Even if it’s from a competitor)


1. What are your personal social media rules? Do you have any? How has class changed your ideas about that?

2. What Rule from the 50 rules stuck out to you? Comment and tell me what was your favorite. Tweet me and see if you can achieve your goal! (See my goal above to achieve #15)


Fuel for my Fire!