Analyze this… Social Analytics


People who join social media for business purposes like to see the major ROI (return on investment). One of the easiest ways to see if your social media plan is working for you is checking out the analytics offered from different sites and companies.ย  Most companies plan their social media strategy in the same general way. They are trying to drive traffic to their site, their products or their company. But, how can you prove that all the work and hours you are spending toiling in front of the computer screen is paying off? One of the ways is by analyzing how your actions on these sites by SOCIAL Media Analytics

Anyone who is in social media needs to know how to talk about social media with their clients or bosses. 4 Proven Techniques for Using Social Media Analytics for Conversion gives a really great example of how to land a client by talking about clients needs on Social Media knowledgeably. Beyond Social Media Analytics show’s how Gatorade took social media analytics to a whole new level with their social media listening center. They are able to analyze what people are saying about their products and decided if they want to pursue those lines of marketing. In the case of Gatorade as a hangover cure (there is definite truth in that) they decided to not pursue that direction.

In order to track social media you can use different types of software to track your links and the online engagement they get. How to Track Links shared on Social Media gives examples of the types of software you can use to track links that you share on social media. I choose to use, but many of them are good. The most important thing about social media analytics is finding what works for you.



Do you use social media analytics?

How would you revise your social media strategy to include analytics?


Analyze this… Social Analytics

4 thoughts on “Analyze this… Social Analytics

  1. MrDaveCone says:

    You said “How would you revise your social media strategy to include analytics?”

    That’s a good question.

    Personally, I need to add more tracking links like or I’m not good about doing that for my personal social accounts. I think my strategy needs to be non-invasive, meaning I don’t want to be really waving a flag letting folks know I’m tracking them.

    With that being said, I don’t want to hide it from them … but I think if I can collect data more casually – and maybe even passively – that would be the best strategy.


    1. I use, which I really like to track my links on twitter. I think it would be a good idea to integrate it into my fb posts as well.

      For personal accounts, I think passive tracking is fine. Most people assume if its a business account that there has to be some kind of tracking involved.

    1. I totally agree with your post Brendan! Thanks for visiting. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that tracking can be used in order to track customer response too ie: Gatorade dismissing marketing itself as a hangover cure. The airlines are a great example..

      United breaking Guitars… What’s even better is that Taylor responded with their own video, they used the buzz about the video for self promotion. They listened to what was happening and saw a way to use it for their own message.

      I think that sometimes when it comes to business we get too wrapped up in the numbers and ROI don’t always focus on “whats” being said. Great points!

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