A picture is worth a Thousand Words

I will be honest with you. I feel very uninspired as I write this post, I think it’s because the weather is changing in Seattle. I feel the little tickle in the back of my throat that is usually the clue I’m about to get sick. What’s even worse about being uninspired is that I’m discussing some of my favorite social media platforms! I love Pinterest! Ever since I heard 2 girlfriends discussing how many hours they spent on Pinterest I new I’d be hooked. Seriously, I joined the site back when you still had to get and invitation to join.  This was me when I first joined… maybe still is a little bit


People (women especially) were not the only ones to recognize that Pinterest could be used to drive consumers and unique views to your site. There are 10x more clicks of than the Tweet this button. Interesting fact considering that the tweet this button is in a lot more places then the Pin-it button. I’ve noticed because there are times I want to add something to my pinterest and I look for the button and it’s not there. Usually people are pinning things they want to buy, stuff that inspires them, places to visit, recipes to remember. The options are limitless when it comes to pin boards.  See examples from my own personal pinterest

2013-09-30 11.31.17 am

People use pin boards to post Youtube videos which is interesting considering that Youtube beats Facebook with consumers The consumers are using youtube to consider if they want to buy a product by watching the videos online. Including Youtube as part of your Social Media , is integral to any person just getting started in the online market. The important fact to remember is that like any social media you have to keep it updated and even schedule your posts.

Facebook has already realized that videos and pictures are important parts of peoples interactions with social media. Facebook has adjusted their edge rank algorithm to account for this fact. Now other people are getting in on the photo sharing game. Instagram which is owned by facebook it the primary name in the photo sharing game. Most people can recognize and photo posted through Instagram by the fact that it’s the shaped like a polaroid and usually has a filter applied. Insert obligatory puppy photo here. Seriously… my Instagram is full of my dog. 🙂


Instagram is not the only kid in the social media image sharing game. Vine is the twitter equivalent of videos. The length of videos is 7 seconds just like Twitter’s limited tweet of 140 characters. 5 vines are tweeted every second. People will watch endless number of vines. What you can share online is becoming limitless.



1) Which of these three image sharing sites do you like best and why?


2) Though Pinterest is mainly used by women, in what ways can you see men using the site?

See below for my favorite from comedian Bo Burnham 🙂


A picture is worth a Thousand Words

4 thoughts on “A picture is worth a Thousand Words

  1. Great blog post, Helena! I love that cartoon, video, and of course the picture of your dog (Puggle Love!). I really love all three sites, but I think Pinterest is my favorite of the three. It really is inspiring, as cheesy as that sounds. I get ideas all the time for recipes, home decorating tips, fashion, the list goes on and on. What other social network does that? None that I can think of. And you’re right, you can get sucked in… for hours… but I never walk away feeling guilty! Maybe I should be in some sort of Pinterest support group!

    But seriously, from a business standpoint, the amount of minutes Pinterest users spend on the network should be proof enough businesses should have a presence.

    I could see men using Pinterest, for one of the main reasons women do, health and fitness tips. I know most of my guys friends follow these types of blogs, but Pinterest could be a place to gather all that information and share. I could also see guys, who maybe own houses, being interesting in the DIY type information. I know I’ve learned a lot from Pinterest, guys could as well.

  2. I’m completely obsessed with Pinterest! I’m a terrible cook, and Pinterest recipes have saved me from a life of hot dogs and mac and cheese! I also use the site for workouts, outfit ideas and wedding planning (If my wedding is as awesome as my Pinterest wedding board, I will be a happy girl!). The site sucks you in for hours, so like Laura said, it’s a great network for brands to be on because people spend so much time on it.

  3. Great blog post! Personally, I do not really use any of the image services on my own time, but I have to say, I have become quite the fan of Pinterest and the way it creates engagement through images. Now with the ability to Pin articles, I am really looking forward to the ways people continue to engage with Pinterest and may even consider using it some more on my own!

  4. As always, I enjoyed your post this week. I hope you’re not getting sick! I’m in sunny Florida and the heat is finally breaking, but the days are getting shorter. My favorite image sharing site is Pinterest for sure!! I jumped on board way late I guess, just in summer 2012. However, my experience is summed up in the cartoon you posted. I was on Pinterest for days on end. For me, Pinterest is the most useful photo sharing site. It entertains me and gives me useful information to bookmark for later. Especially recipes! It’s like personalizing a food and decorating magazine. Thanks for the infographic explaining the differences between Vine and Instagram videos, all new information for me.

    I would imagine men can use Pinterest to follow their own interests. There might be less content by virtue of who posts content, but it’s easy to search categories. Maybe they follow their favorite brands or learn about cars? Actually I have no idea what they’d use it for… funny quotes maybe. 🙂

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