The War of Words… Google+ vs. Facebook

google_fb_slapfightI’ll admit it. I excitedly joined Google+ last year when it first came out, when no one else I knew had joined. I had 2 circles outside the normal ones and one person in each circle. It just sat there, and sat there, and sat there.  NOTHING HAPPENED! You know why, because I thought that Google+ was going to be like Facebook. Surprise, surprise, It’s not.

Facebook, for me has always had its ups and downs. When the news feed first came out, I thought my world had ended. I don’t want to see all of this useless information, from these useless people I friended because we were in one picture together or we met at that party one time. WHY do I care about their LIFE?!? I don’t. All the sudden my facebook was full of clutter and then something magical happened. Facebook introduce “the algorithim.” The clouds parted, the heaven sang and my news feed was magically clear.

What those geniuses at facebook did was engaged the users with the end result being you get your own personalized facebook friends newspaper on a daily basis. In Facebook: Here’s How Your Newsfeed Works Mashable  explains “This new strategy has created an uptick in user engagement, he adds. A recent study by Facebook found that this new ranking system led to a 13% increase in stories read, and a 5% increase in interactions (Likes, shares, comments)” Engagement is important for any business looking to use the social media giant for its own purposes. Five Facebook Posts that Spark Massive Engagement  the biggest ways to get social media engagement from followers is to ask for it.


Getting people to engage with your brand is as easy as pushing a like button. What small businesses fail to realize is that by focusing only on facebook for engagement with their clients. They are missing out on the opportunities that Google+ has to offer.

Google+ can really be a savvy business persons best friend. No joke though. The number one reason is that Google+ drives up your SEO. If you’re a small business and on the web, then you should care about your SEO. Check out this article if you don’t believe me, 10 Ways Google+ Will Improve your SEO Honestly, I didn’t believe it myself at first. Then I started blogging and utilizing my long forgotten Goggle+ account. Voila! I’m ranking higher then my former nemesis of SEO, the Helena, Montana Peace Seekers Association! You might ask, why this sudden change and my nemesis’ sudden decline because Google is rewarding you for using its social media platform. Which makes it very easy to begin to except Why Google+ is an Inevitable Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy. You can’t ignore Google+, as I did for so long, because guess what Google and facebook can’t play nice. Whereas, when you use Google+ it only helps you. Hello, SEO boost!

Facebook is beginning to peak out from behind its self imposed wall, with the new graph search. Is this too little to late to match what is happening on Google+? Time will tell, as it always has on the internet. As for me, I’ve dusted off my sad Google+ account and am happily +1ing away!



Would you use Google+ merely for the SEO boost or do you see the usefulness of Google+ for business in relation to facebook?

What do you think is the least cheesy way to drive engagement on Facebook?


The War of Words… Google+ vs. Facebook

12 thoughts on “The War of Words… Google+ vs. Facebook

  1. I think that the best way to drive engagement on Facebook is to post a high quality photo along with a question. The photo is eye-catching and the questions engages users. The question and photo should obviously coincide. I also think another great way is to post a great photo and a question that asks people to fill in the blank. At work, I posted a beautiful photo with the caption “Luxury is ______.” and it did very well and got tons of comments.

    1. Casey! I totally agree with you about photo’s boosting engagement! The great thing about the fill in the blank is that everyone idea about luxury is different. Honestly, depending on the day my idea about what luxury is different! Ask me again in a few months when it always grey in Seattle, I’ll tell you luxury is a Pina Colada on a beach somewhere!

  2. First let me say I love the little fighting critters up top. I think the best way is with interesting photos. That is what draws me when I am looking around on google+or Facebook. In the past week I have tried a poll, I have asked people to like and to click all with a small amount of success. I am working on getting better photos and graphics.

    SEO is a must for small business, not so sure an organization as large as the United States Postal Service needs to worry about that, it’s hard to confuse us with our competitors.

    1. Thanks! I thought it was hilarious! Although, I do agree that USPS doesn’t have to worry about SEO. I think they could benefit from social media. I don’t know what you have going on online. But, people love the humanizing aspect of social media. If they can see there is a person behind the huge entity, they find it easier to connect! Wouldn’t it be cool if this was true! HAHA!

  3. Great post, Helena! I would say at my organization, so far, we use Google+ mainly for SEO purposes. As a healthcare organization, we promote mainly physicians and services so that if people search for this type of information, we’ll pop up in the region as offering them. I do think we need to do a better job of expanding our circles so that we embrace the importance of the network and use it to our full potential.

    I think the best way to drive engagement on Facebook is visuals. By far, the posts we see get the most engagement are photos. We have three emergency helicopters and we joke that every time we need to pump up engagement we should post a picture of one of them. People are obsessed with them! Pictures definitely work.

    1. Well you’re way ahead of my company Laura! Way to go on boosting SEO. That’s something that I’m really trying to drive home with them. One way that we’re discussing in starting to blog. The idea is that we can leverage a knowledge base that we already have, our consultants, by offering something to people looking for answers all while demonstrating our expertise. But, then how do we get people to buy in? I definitely ascribe to the idea that “If you build it, they will come!”

  4. HI Helena! This is the first blog post of your’s that I’ve read, and I loved it. I’m coming back! Even though I read the same content as you did for this assignment, I loved your writing style. 🙂 You asked great questions too! To be honest, I’m in the same boat you were in with Google+… I’ve created the account and now it’s just sitting there. I made the account for this class, but I think I don’t understand the benefit of it yet. Are you a believer now? I definitely understand the SEO ranking, but that’s not a priority for me now because I don’t own a business. Your post has peaked my interested though, and I’m going to reexamine. As for driving engagement of Facebook… I think it’s with an image. For example, your feature image really drew my into reading your content. Interesting, beautiful, funny, or provocative images are the way to go!

    1. Yayyy! Thanks Blythe! Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve taken the stance on blogging that I should write how I speak. I’m a funny gal. I never take things to seriously, so I should handle my blog the same way! Isn’t that gif awesome! I loved it! It kind of reminds me of How I met your Mother. Do you watch that show?

      I have definitely become a convert to Google+. I know that you don’t have a business. Hey, I don’t either. I can see the benefits for the company I work for… but I can also see the benefits for myself. I am a BRAND! I need to treat myself as such, which means I need to start building my own personal network of connections. Currently, all of my social networks are personal. I’ve learned over the years that the things you do online follow you. So, why not use that to your advantage. Do things right and use what you’ve done for your benefit. Google+ can only benefit you. It can’t hurt you. 🙂

  5. Right now, I use Google+ for the SEO juice, but I also enjoy hangouts and communities because they have added value. But for conversation on your posts, it’s still a bit quiet.

    And the best ways for engagement on Facebook: Questions. But making sure the questions have value and meaning to the audience. Or are fun. Sometimes a random question can spark a conversation that will tell you something about your audience that you didn’t previously know.

    1. FYI: I think a Google hangout for class is a great idea! I know what you mean about not having engagement on Google+. I get a lot more engagement on my facebook, but that’s also a much more personal space for me. I’ve had my facebook much longer, so I know what I want to share and how I portray myself on facebook.

      Google+ is a different animal. I haven’t yet found the balance or my voice on that network. I think something that may work is publicizing pins and articles I find interesting on Google+. But, I like to share those on my fb as well. I just want to be careful of sounding redundant. I already can see that Google+ is a great place to interact with other professionals. Plus, it’s an awesome place to draw attention to blog posts.

  6. I don’t use Google + but I would use it for more than SEO. I really like the groups you can join. It seems like a very active community of professionals. My favorite thing on Google + is Google Hangout. Have you ever used it? It is great. You can share screen, look at Youtube videos together, and video chat with multiple people.

    I think the least cheesiest way of doing anything on Facebook is by posting things that are relevant. I really don’t like when people post quotes over images when they have nothing to do with their brand.

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