Twitter: A Life Lived in 140 Characters or Less #TwitterRules


Although I have long understood the principles of twitter, I have not always been a proponent of the social media giant that has taken the news world by storm. Would you have ever thought, in your wildest imaginings, that twitter would break news faster then, well the news.


Remember the guy who tweeted the Osama bin Ladin raid? He was just online late at night. He inadvertently broke the news of a secret military operation, from Abbottabad. Twitter is global, and its not going away. People need to learn to leverage Twitter in all its magnificence for there own purposes.

In using twitter for business and self-promotion. Here are some of the three ways to use twitter effectively to build a personal brand.

Be Prepared:

Twitter is more effective for a business when you go into the twittersphere with a plan. Aaron Lee addresses this exact issue in his blog post, “If I could start Twitter over again, what I would have done differently.” I may not agree with all of Lee’s conclusions, but I don’t have the cadre of followers he has. I do think his tweet cheat sheet is useful. Its a list of basic twitterquette for effective tweeters


Be Responsive:

Every article and blog post says the same thing. Twitter is all about engagement. It’s about how you engage, who you engage with, and what you say when you engage with them. Some brands are totally doing twitter right. They’ve got the right amount of tweets balanced with the right amount of follower engagement. Interestingly, three of my favorite twitter feeds makes the Top 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter list: ESPN, CNN and Funny or Die. Because I personally follow all of these brands, I can definitely understand the fact that they make the list. CNN and ESPN are where I go to get my quick fix of news and NCAA Football. Funny or Die is entirely different. The site is driven by user engagement. People vote whether a video posted to the site is funny or must die. Who can ever forget this Pearl of a video posted to the site…

Be yourself:

If I have learned anything, Its that you need to need to be yourself when it comes to social media. People recognize authenticity and are drawn to you for a reason. Currently, I only use twitter for my own personal enjoyment. If I have learned anything, its that I’m a brand, I’m unique. I need to use social media to showcase myself and build my personal brand. Become apart of conversations that are happening online. One of the fastest and easiest ways to do this is through hashtags.


I love #hashtags! I usually use them as an emphasis of an over arcing theme of a tweet rather then to engage in conversation. Hey, I’m #weird. Seriously though, hashtags are everywhere. You can’t see a movie trailer, tv show, or music video even without a hashtag. So, get involved and start tagging.

Social media has enmeshed itself in our culture. It’s our responsibility to recognize where the boundaries between our true self and our online self cross and diverge. It’s important to be yourself online, but you needs to keep somethings personal. Over sharing happens quite frequently. It’s important to find a balance between self and the

Twitter: A Life Lived in 140 Characters or Less #TwitterRules

8 thoughts on “Twitter: A Life Lived in 140 Characters or Less #TwitterRules

  1. I love hashtags, too! I also use them to say the “unsaid” – it’s fun, creative, and a unique spin on an otherwise average tweet. If that makes us weird, then solidarity, sister! Like you said, Twitter is all about being yourself.

    1. I’m right there with you sister! #Solidarity #Fistpump… See I’m doing it again where it doesn’t even matter. I almost feel as if the hashtag can also be used to show the actions and facial expressions that can’t be conveyed in a tweet. ๐Ÿ™‚ One of the tweets I was most proud of over the past couple of months is #TwitterNerd #iremembermytweets

  2. I like how tv shows display hashtags on screen during the show, because it allows fans to unify on social media. I also can appreciate some of the creative hashtags that I’ve read on Twitter. As much as I love a good hashtag, it drives me insane when I have to read 500 hashtags at the end of a tweet! I think there is a fine line between entertaining and obnoxious and a brand or an individual should limit the amount of hashtags they use in a single tweet.

    1. #Limit #Hashtags #NEVER! haha! Actually I totally agree. Over hashtagging can get a bit over whelming at times! People are trying to become a part of the online conversation by hashtagging, except I think overtagging occurs when people are trying to over expose themselves. What they just end up doing is annoying people. #Simmerdownpeople

  3. I like how shows like America’s Got Talent even let you interact with the show with Twitter. You can vote for what act you want to win with Twitter! Personally, I think I need to watch over-hashtagging. It can be a slippery slope and now that I have seen some bad example of hashtagging, I hope to improve in the future. Thanks!

    1. I totally agree! Interaction is key. It’s really interesting to see the “twitter wars” that can happen online over what happens on a show. Brands need to learn the “Do’s and Don’t” of Twitter. Some brands can try and use hashtags to their own detriment. Case in point, Esquire and AT&T this week.

  4. I love this post! And The Landlord is awesome! Great images too.

    I love hashtags, especially when commercials and television shows promote their hashtags. They are fully aware that a conversation about their show or product could be happening on Twitter, and this is their way to control it and take part in it. It’s so smart! I like reading through what people are saying during shows like Breaking Bad and True Blood. It’s like they are reacted right with me.

    1. THANKS! If you can’t tell, I usually… Well pretty much always come from a perspective of humor. I think that laughing everyday is really important!

      You are totally right about brands controlling the conversation by promoting hashtags. It also works as a type of history for programing for the next year. You can see what storyline and shows people are engaged with and what they think “meh.” SYTYCD cut down their programing from 2 days to 1. Plus, fans on the internet have revived canceled shows (Drop Dead Diva, Jericho, Firefly, Arrested Development) People know the power of the net and they are learning how to use it!

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