Are you listening?

I created this logo as part of a “personal brand” except, it doesn’t say anything about me. That’s why people go to your social media to find out about who you are and not the “who” you present to the world.

My personal logo, I made a few years ago.
My personal logo, I made a few years ago.

Honestly, I completely hid myself on social media while I was searching for a job. I don’t think it hurt me, but I’m not sure it helped. The problem is that you don’t know. You read the statistics about what recruiters are looking for. I decided not to give them the option of prejudging me based on my online presence. Would you make the same choice as I did now? What has or hasn’t changed your mind?

My opinion has changed some what. But, now that I work in social media, its imperative that my presence is seen online. At the time, when I was looking for a job I wasn’t looking for a job in social media. It kind of fell into my lap, isn’t that always the case?

I only recently started my job at JWA, I just had my 6 month review. But, I was originally hired out of a recruiting firm. I know that they didn’t look me up on LinkedIn. Actually my firm could have cared less about that. I sent them 2 different resumes. One was a very generic, made to the specifics that the career center lays out for you. The second one was my “content design” resume. They didn’t like my design resume. They wanted the plane Jane resume with out any bells and whistles. Although, I still got my job, I’m sure JWA would have loved to have a better idea of the design eye that I could bring to their brand. That’s the expectation these days, you have to be able to show case your skills, the number one product that you are selling is yourself. The big names need to make sure that they keep their names big. They work hard on what face they show to the public.

brands by state

Interesting that every state has a major brand associated with it. I’m from the land that Coca-cola built and now I live in Starbucks-land. Doesn’t that tell you a little more about me? It’s the human aspect of the story that people are drawn to. I’ve already connected with one of the other students in the class, because we have the same type of dog! Puggles Rock! When I post on fb or any other social platforms the post with the most likes, comments and “activity” are my posts about him. ๐Ÿ™‚ My dog is more popular then I am.

So, I checked my Klout score today, spurred on by our readings. I’ve got a 43. I’m not really sure what the equates to, if Klout was school I’d be failing. If the recruiters discussed in the article were looking for people with a Klout score of 35 or higher I guess a 43 is good then. Did anyone else check there score? Do you think its a fair assessment of you social media abilities?


What does your personal brand look like? What is important about your personal brand that you present to the world? How does this humanize or distance you?

Do you agree that a Klout score should be included in an interview/application process? How do you think it could affect your job one way or another?

Are you listening?

4 thoughts on “Are you listening?

  1. Hi Helena,

    Like you, I tried to keep my personal social network use hidden from hiring managers and potential employers. Throughout college all I heard about was how social media was preventing jobseekers from being hired, and I didn’t want the content I posted to be the reason I didn’t get a job. I’m definitely reevaluating my perspective of social media in today’s job market. Who knew my attempt to look professional, is now a strike against me because I have no social media presence and no real personal brand. This week was the first time that I had ever even heard of klout, but I’m glad I learned about it because it seems like this will be essential for the future! I think the weight placed on your klout score will really depend on the company. If you work in social media or marketing it’s more advantageous to have your brand out there. However, if you work in a bank, I don’t really think your klout score should have much of an impact.

    1. Hi Lauren!

      I totally agree with you about the mixed signals about social media and finding jobs. Although, one could argue that what really happened is that the world view of social media changed. People are now interacting in the digital space in a different way then they ever have before. People are using their social sphere as leverage in their career. People’s connection with “weak connections”, basically the equivalent of friend of friend acquaintances, can be bolstered by online engagement and used as leverage in the “real” world. My friend told me the other day that a recruiter told him you are more likely to get a job from a “weak” connection then a close friend. The reason being because they have no buy in if you get the job or not. That being said, I think the Klout score should only really matter if you are going to have to have to demonstrate an ability to engage people online. But, really my dog and my friends bolster my Klout score. I checked it again today and it had risen to 55 (12 pt increase from my post to now!). Which is kinda crazy… unless you take into account that I just posted the cutest pic of my pup online.


  2. Helena,

    I was much like you in the fact that I hid myself from all social media platforms. Whenever I was looking for a job or getting ready to apply for one, I would delete all of my Social Networking sites until the interview processes were over or until I landed a job! Now, I see how important it is to show companies how you empower and influence others. With that being said, I do think that some jobs should require individuals to post their Klout score. Especially those jobs involving Social Media, PR or Marketing.

    As far as my Personal Brand goes….I think I am still establishing that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have come to realize that Klout is a lot of fluff and non-sense. Mr. Darcy drive my klout score up, but I also live in the social media world and on the complete opposite side of the country from all of my friends and family. ๐Ÿ™‚

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