Here’s a little something about me

Alright, so unlike most people that will be reading my blog. (*cough* Social Media class *cough cough*) I am about to complete my Masters in Professional Communication at Clemson University, Go Tigers!

clemson game

Shocker right?! So, if your twitter feed and facebook newsfeed have the wrong kind of orange in them and may have an ACC twinge, yeah that’s all me.

But, it gets weirder. Also, I live in Seattle, WA

Pikes Place with my bestie, who came out for a visit
Pikes Place with my bestie, who came out for a visit

I’m the Social Media and Content designer at a small consulting firm. <– This is where social media fits into my life currently. It’s what I do. My reason for taking the social media course was to get better at what I do. Everything that I know about social media is garnered from personal experience and articles that I’ve read in my Professional Communication courses. I’m looking to use this class to help me a I build their social media from the ground up. The thing about our firm is that most of the clients we get are by word of mouth or referral. But, this is a new age and one of the big pushes is your digital presence or lack of one. So, I’m helping them to start dipping their toes in the water of the social media world, we’re starting with LinkedIn and taking baby steps from there.

Long term, I plan on this Social Media certificate to help bolster my already jam packed education. It’s always nice to have a little something extra when going in for a job interview. Plus, there is something to be said of having an education to back up the talk. I’m pretty excited about being a SME, I don’t know about the rest of you.


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