Tinder and SXSW. Who’s the snake now?

Cinderella dressed in yellow went upstairs to kiss a fellow. Made a mistake and kissed a snake. How many doctors will it take?

When I was a little girl on the playground, my friends and I used to sing that rhyme. My days of patty cake are long over. I think the rhyme oddly appropriate based on the recent Ex Machina publicity stunt. A fake Tinderella is not a new occurrence, neither is using a bot on tinder as a spammer. My question is marketers use of Tinder for the movie Ex Machina a little out of bounds?


I’ve used online dating sites in the past. I hear guys get bombarded often by fake profiles and spammers. We can’t tell these guys that they’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Hello… I’m on the sites too. I’m real and I’m out there. Are the spammers just something that guys expect? The guys hitting up Tinder at SXSW were the one making the mistake this time. They tried to kiss a snake.

Is it wrong for marketers to take advantage of a place where they know people are congregating? After all, it’s what marketers do. We expect them outside of sporting events and concerts. I got a delish Jimmy John’s sandwich shoved at me after the Lady Gaga concert. I gobbled it up! Now, Jimmy Johns has me name dropping them in my blog.

In the digital age, marketers are going to be constantly evolving their tactics. Publicity stunts aren’t new either. Why should we expect our dating profiles to be a sacred space? I think it has to do with the way the guys were lured in. I’ve been spammed once and it happened right away. This “Ava” built rapport with the guys she was chatting with, then directed them to her instagram account. Guys correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the fakers normally just say, “Hey look at my IG: @UnRealGrrl.” There aren’t any discussions of falling in love that was the low point of this whole thing for me.


Tinder and SXSW. Who’s the snake now?

I’m published… I think

So, for work recently I just published two websites simultaneously. (Yay!) I’ve never given birth and I can’t physically begin to understand carrying a child for 9 months, but working on, completing, and finally publishing these sites is the closest thing that I can imagine to giving birth.

I’m super happy about what I’ve produced. Take a look see...

JWA website


What’s crazy about publishing a website, is that it’s not like most of the class rollouts I complete for work. There is always new changes. A web designers work is never finished

I’m published… I think

The Value of Social Media… Social ROI

One of the hardest things about working in Social Media is seeing the value that you add to a company. It’s always often hard to explain how not constantly trying to sell your product on Social Media is the way to go about things. I’ve noticed a trend in Social Media recently where companies are using their voice and reach on social in order to help other organizations. Or, the companies themselves are setup to help people. See TOM’s shoes.

The Value of Social Media… Social ROI

Three little letters with big results. SEO


Anyone who has their own website or blog need to think about SEO, its not something you can ignore. Search Engine Opimization has to be a prioritization of the people that both plan and execute on their sites. SEO doesn’t just happen, you have to be intentional when creating new posts that you want to increase your site visits and views. SEO is also always changing so you have to keep up up with the changing world. SEO for 2013 gives 10 Tips for 2013.

One of the easiest ways to increase SEO is by using the tools that google offers. Seven Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Increase Traffic to your Website gives great examples and descriptions of the tools available for your use. It’s not just your websites that you can optimize. SEO also applies to your blogs posts as well. You can Improve How to Move your Blog Posts Up in Search Results one of the major factors like with anything else is to keep your blog up to date. Also, if you share your blogs posts on Google+ as I have previously discussed. It helps to increase your site visits and blog views. But, just getting people to click on the site is not the only thing, you want to know that people are spending an extended amount of time and engaging with your information. Google Analytics is one of the ways that you can measure Engagement on your Blog.

It’s October… so here are some major SEO killers.


When thinking about SEO are you more interested in unique site visits or in onsite engagement?

How do you foresee using SEO in the future?

Three little letters with big results. SEO

Analyze this… Social Analytics


People who join social media for business purposes like to see the major ROI (return on investment). One of the easiest ways to see if your social media plan is working for you is checking out the analytics offered from different sites and companies.  Most companies plan their social media strategy in the same general way. They are trying to drive traffic to their site, their products or their company. But, how can you prove that all the work and hours you are spending toiling in front of the computer screen is paying off? One of the ways is by analyzing how your actions on these sites by SOCIAL Media Analytics

Anyone who is in social media needs to know how to talk about social media with their clients or bosses. 4 Proven Techniques for Using Social Media Analytics for Conversion gives a really great example of how to land a client by talking about clients needs on Social Media knowledgeably. Beyond Social Media Analytics show’s how Gatorade took social media analytics to a whole new level with their social media listening center. They are able to analyze what people are saying about their products and decided if they want to pursue those lines of marketing. In the case of Gatorade as a hangover cure (there is definite truth in that) they decided to not pursue that direction.

In order to track social media you can use different types of software to track your links and the online engagement they get. How to Track Links shared on Social Media gives examples of the types of software you can use to track links that you share on social media. I choose to use bit.ly, but many of them are good. The most important thing about social media analytics is finding what works for you.



Do you use social media analytics?

How would you revise your social media strategy to include analytics?


Analyze this… Social Analytics

Spreading like Viral Content


The thing about viral content… is that its all about the timing. You never know what piece of content you create is going to strike a chord with the internet. Seriously, the thing about a virus an how it spreads is predictable in its unpredictability. Hello Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake…

faris-yakobThere are somethings that you can do more then others to make sure that your content spreads.

Positivity. One of the keys to viral marketing and ad campaigns. If it tugs on your heartstrings, its probably going to go viral. Creating Viral Content? The secret is get contagious…, “Positive uplifting content always gets shared. Remember, there’s a lot of unhappy people in the world, and while there are different reasons for being unhappy, content that is uplifting and inspirational helps people get out of their rut… even if it’s only for a few seconds”. Enter the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. Dove has been working tirelessly to show women they are beautiful. This year their “Real Beauty Sketches” took the internet by storm. What helped the cause and The secret recipe to Viral Content Marketing success was that women were emotional engaged and identified with the content. Women wanted to inform, inspire and engage with a company and campaign that made them feel valued.

Why do memes an videos spread like wildfire across the internet, because there funny. Online marketers are trying to tap into the potential of viral marketing. Why content goes viral explains that 60% of ads that become viral usually are humorous in nature. I think an addendum to this is that people find the ads funny and then they spoof the ads. Which draws viewers back to the original ad.


People also like content that they can quickly consume. 5 Key elements of Viral Content  skimming the content quickly and accessibility of share buttons also adds to contents ability to go viral.


When you share viral content why do you share it?

What was your favorite viral content from the year?

Spreading like Viral Content

A picture is worth a Thousand Words

I will be honest with you. I feel very uninspired as I write this post, I think it’s because the weather is changing in Seattle. I feel the little tickle in the back of my throat that is usually the clue I’m about to get sick. What’s even worse about being uninspired is that I’m discussing some of my favorite social media platforms! I love Pinterest! Ever since I heard 2 girlfriends discussing how many hours they spent on Pinterest I new I’d be hooked. Seriously, I joined the site back when you still had to get and invitation to join.  This was me when I first joined… maybe still is a little bit


People (women especially) were not the only ones to recognize that Pinterest could be used to drive consumers and unique views to your site. There are 10x more clicks of than the Tweet this button. Interesting fact considering that the tweet this button is in a lot more places then the Pin-it button. I’ve noticed because there are times I want to add something to my pinterest and I look for the button and it’s not there. Usually people are pinning things they want to buy, stuff that inspires them, places to visit, recipes to remember. The options are limitless when it comes to pin boards.  See examples from my own personal pinterest

2013-09-30 11.31.17 am

People use pin boards to post Youtube videos which is interesting considering that Youtube beats Facebook with consumers The consumers are using youtube to consider if they want to buy a product by watching the videos online. Including Youtube as part of your Social Media , is integral to any person just getting started in the online market. The important fact to remember is that like any social media you have to keep it updated and even schedule your posts.

Facebook has already realized that videos and pictures are important parts of peoples interactions with social media. Facebook has adjusted their edge rank algorithm to account for this fact. Now other people are getting in on the photo sharing game. Instagram which is owned by facebook it the primary name in the photo sharing game. Most people can recognize and photo posted through Instagram by the fact that it’s the shaped like a polaroid and usually has a filter applied. Insert obligatory puppy photo here. Seriously… my Instagram is full of my dog. 🙂


Instagram is not the only kid in the social media image sharing game. Vine is the twitter equivalent of videos. The length of videos is 7 seconds just like Twitter’s limited tweet of 140 characters. 5 vines are tweeted every second. People will watch endless number of vines. What you can share online is becoming limitless.



1) Which of these three image sharing sites do you like best and why?


2) Though Pinterest is mainly used by women, in what ways can you see men using the site?

See below for my favorite from comedian Bo Burnham 🙂


A picture is worth a Thousand Words